Jim Kelly

Master taxidermist James C. Kelly is one of the most talented and prolific big game taxidermists in

the United States.  Based in Ringoes, NJ on the PA border, his craftsmanship is at the pinnacle of the art of taxidermy as is evidenced by his over 30 years of experience in the field and extensive and prestigious list of clients.  The principal characteristic that taxidermists aim to achieve in their work is that of life likeness.  This is the area in which Jim Kelly's work excels above the rest - his mounts look alive.  Look through the extensive photo galleries at his stunning artistry to prove it to yourself.


Jim Kelly's Hunting Adventures is currently booking Free Range Texas Aoudad Hunts in the Chinati Mountains, Ronda, Beceite & Southeastern Spanish Ibex hunts in Spain, as well as other big game hunts in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Kelly Creations

James C. Kelly Taxidermy


Founded: 1989

Owner: James C. Kelly

Certifications: Master Taxidermist


Areas of expertise:  Big game species, shoulder, pedestal, 1/2 lifesize and lifesize mounts.  Ultra realistic and artistic base composition and construction.  

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The Photos Speak for Themselves